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Daily Deposit scheme is the scheme where a person can save money from its day to day schedule. It will enable the habit of daily money saving from their Home or business place itself to fulfill their financial needs that can be helpful in future. Kanika Jagatkalyan Nidhi provides passbook to maintain the daily records of debits and credits. Daily Deposit Scheme in Muzaffarnagar is provided by Kanika Jagatkalyan Nidhi. Call us or fill the form to know more about our Scheme.


RD is a type of term deposit offered by Kanika Jagatkalyan Nidhi in Muzaffarnagar. There are two types of RDs—regular and flexible. A regular RD is offered by all banks, while only some offer flexible ones. A regular RD allows you to deposit a pre-specified amount at pre-decided intervals. It becomes a compulsory investment. The instalment amount once fixed, cannot be altered. In a flexible RD, you can deposit any amount, on any day, and any number of times.


Get the benefits of fixed deposit offered by Kanika Jagatkalyan Nidhi. We are offering our services in Muzaffarnagar and local areas. If you are looking for best scheme of Fixed Deposits, then you have came to the right place. Fill the form to contact us or call us. We will glad to hear you.


The 'saving account' is generally opened by salaried persons or by the persons who have a fixed regular income. This facility is also given to students, senior citizens, pensioners, and so on. Kanika Jagatkalyan Nidhi is also offering saving account facility. Get all the facilities of Saving Account in Muzaffarnagar.